Medicaid expansion in the era of COVID-19

Guest: Qiana Thomason, CEO, Health Forward Foundation

Host: Sam Meers, EVP, Practice Lead, Barkley

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how ill-prepared we were as a nation for this crisis. The lack of an immediate response plan to rapidly ramp up testing, the inability to track contact points, and the grossly understaffed public health sector all contributed to making COVID-19 a larger healthcare and economic issue than it might have been.

In this episode of Modern Marketeers, we’ll examine how a greater focus on public health, specifically the expansion of Medicaid, could improve healthcare for the most vulnerable populations. How we think about healthcare policy and public health is of critical importance to provider and payer healthcare brands. And depending on how we move forward in the era of COVID-19, perhaps we’ll be better prepared for the next pandemic.

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