Patients V. Members: Exploring Consumer Mindsets in Health Care

GUESTS: Anna Essmann and Jimmy Keown, Barkley
HOST: Sam Meers

This episode, featuring Anna Essmann and Jimmy Keown from Barkley’s strategy team, reveals insights from a significant research study recently completed by Barkley Health & Finance. Our work in the health insurance category over the years, and especially since the advent of the ACA, has piqued our interest in the potential mindset differences between a health insurance member and a medical patient. We uncovered several mindsets existing just in the health insurance space, with unique perspectives on how they interact with – and what they expect from – their health insurance carrier.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Key findings from our research study, including the difference between the member and customer mindsets for health insurance enrollees
  • How relationships with health care providers differ from health insurance carriers
  • Challenges carriers face in the area of customer experience
    How this research study can inform potential customer experience, pricing and distribution strategies
  • What carriers should start doing vs. stop doing to create stronger member/customer relationships
  • Opportunities for carriers and physicians to work together to improve the member experience

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