COVID-19 and its impact on Women

Guest: Wendy Doyle, President & CEO, The Women’s Foundation

Host: Sam Meers, EVP, Practice Lead, Barkley

The COVID pandemic has exacerbated a number of issues that were lying right below the surface in the areas of public health, social justice and inequality. Candidly, you can go down the list of the social determinants of health and identify multiple issues that have become worse since the virus grasped the nation — socio-economic and cultural conditions; age, gender, and biological factors; income and social status — the list goes on.

COVID-19 has elevated the need to address a host of policy issues that impact public health and our economy.  Those issues have long-term impact on healthcare brands as they address the total cost of care. 

In this episode of Modern Marketeers, we’ll speak with Wendy Doyle, President and CEO of The Women’s Foundation on the impacts of COVID-19 specifically with women. 

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