The Importance of Story: Children’s Mercy

GUESTS: Tom McCormally, Children’s Mercy
HOST: Sam Meers

Many organizations have come to understand the importance of telling an engaging story. The history of an organization helps establish its values and sets the stage for innovation and growth. With us for this episode is Tom McCormally, Director of Archives at Children’s Mercy Health and Clinics. Tom has been working for the past several years to bring the history of Children’s Mercy to life. Children’s Mercy recently published “For All Children Everywhere,” that examines what has made the hospital into what it is today.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What led to the creation of “For All Creation Everywhere,” and a brief overview of the evolution of Children’s Mercy
  • How culture comes to life at Children’s Mercy
  • What’s next, now that Children’s Mercy’s story has been collected and memorialized
  • How the story of an organization can be illustrated in a podcast
  • How podcasts integrate into a larger marketing strategy for storytelling

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