The rapid rise of telemedicine during COVID-19

Guest: Dr. Rob Steele, Chief Strategy Officer, Children’s Mercy Hospital and Clinics

Host: Sam Meers, EVP, Practice Lead, Barkley

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented strain on our healthcare system. The virus has created hotspots where more people were impacted, creating a capacity strain on medical teams and facilities in those areas. But there was an additional financial strain on hospital system operations that came from having to pause clinical visits and elective surgeries. 

This pause continues to create a significant financial burden to hospital systems. However, if there has been a bit of a silver lining to a situation, the use of telemedicine has increased dramatically. With clinics being closed to patients, or patients wishing to avoid a higher-risk environment, healthcare organizations began using a technology that has been available for years, but had been slow to get traction. COVID-19 has brought telemedicine to the forefront. Behavioral change happens slowly, until it happens suddenly.

In this episode of Modern Marketeers, we’re exploring the rapid adoption of telemedicine and what it means to healthcare providers going forward.

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