Unbundling health insurance in the era of COVID-19

Guest: John Kelly, CEO, NexBen

Host: Sam Meers, EVP, Practice Lead, Barkley

When you combine a global pandemic with an unexpected economic cliff event, most businesses will be caught off guard. And in an era when employers and their employees are struggling with rising health insurance costs, adding more strain to the business ecosystem exacerbates the situation even more. The latest US Census Bureau report shows that while 92% of Americans had health insurance coverage, only 20% are satisfied with the cost.

Not only are consumers looking for lower health insurance costs, they’re expecting a better experience. They’re being shaped by their experiences with companies like Amazon. In fact, 50% of consumers would like their healthcare experience to feel like their Amazon experience.

Is this possible in a traditional health insurance ecosystem? Can we meet the consumer demands of lowering costs (or at least demonstrating more value) while at the same time improving their healthcare experience?

In this episode of Modern Marketeers, we work to unravel this dichotomy and examine alternatives for both employers and employees in the era of COVID.

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